Tuesday, August 30, 2011

quick summer photo diary

Where did the summer go? Unfortunately, I barely took my camera around with me so I can't share the deets. I usually just snapped quick pictures of the meals and snacks I was about to consume at home. I guess you can tell I really dig those royal blue bowls. Enjoy.

pizza prebake
baby eggplant
wild strawberries
blueberry muffins in bad lighting
lemon lime

1. figs from my neighbor's garden - 2. sweet papaya - 3. mum's frittata - 4. fresh mozz, tomato, basil pizza pre-bake - 5. pizza, ready for slicin' and chompin' - 6. eggplants from my family's garden - 7. korean braised potatoes - 8. wild strawberries - 9. blueberry muffins in terrible lighting - 10. lemon and limes - 11. bonus! hemingway, also in bad lighting

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