Sunday, March 4, 2012

blogging with a guilty conscience


What's on your desk right now? Wait, no. Be honest. I'll be honest. I have two laptops. A package of Trader Joe's unsulfured, sweetened, dried mango. A cup of cold date tea. An Inception DVD. Six historical books, focusing on either a) Irish secret societies b) machine politics or c) the Irish exodus. Not a single pleasure read on my desk. They're all chilling just a few feet a way. I can hear them whisper (or maybe it's my lack of sleep talking to me), "Nicole, hey, Nicole. Put down that boring book. And pick me up. Crack open my spine! I can still crack! You didn't finish me yet." The Picture of Dorian Gray says those words. He's needy.

And I need sleep. And cookies. This week is going to be nuts. Nuts, as in, no-time-to-breath, nuts. Not I-met-a-cute-boy-and-we're-hanging-out nuts. Or I'm-baking-cookies-all-week nuts. Or walnuts, pistachio nuts, and peanuts. No, as in, back-to-back-semi/very-scholarly-events. Superb.

I still have work to do, guys. And yet. I'm blogging. Okay, moving on. (My conscience is catching up to me! This post will be short.)



with Nutella,


with semisweet chocolate chips,


and smeared with more Nutella.

Um, do you need anything else when a chocolate craving hits? I don't! Have a splendid week! Recipe here. No real notes today. I followed the recipe word for word and I baked them a tad longer because my cookies were bigger.


  1. Oh, I do this all the time. I blog when I should really be studying or doing homework... In fact I'm doing it right now. But, these cookies are definitely worth it. They look heavenly!

    What I have on my desk right now: a lot, lot, lot of books, about 5 different textbooks, notebooks, binders, and War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Are you talking about the Picture of Dorian Gray? Is it good? It's been on my want-to-read-list for forever now.

    1. They were; nutella is one of my weaknesses. Tolstoy?! School assignment or pleasure read? I heard that book is innnntense. Yes, I am! It's my on-and-off pleasure read since September. It's on my shelf, just begging to be finished. Hopefully, I finish it by this weekend so I can cross it off my book list.

  2. Love that you topped these cookies with Nutella and pistachios - what a great combination of flavors! They look so delicious. Going to check out the recipe now!