Monday, November 28, 2011

monday pick-me-ups | furiyake popcorn

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You like? I think I'm starting a new Monday series - pick-me-up Mondays. Because everyone needs a pick-me-up on the dreary Mondays that haunt our lives. Seriously. Every Monday I will try to post a quick snack recipe that you, my dear reader, can make on Monday to, well, pick you right back up. Snack on this flavorful popcorn all week. You won't get sick of it. If you do, have no fear! Next week, I will have a new, mouth watering snack recipe for you to try! Til then, snack on, my Monday haters, snack on.

Note: I messed up on the second slide. It would be 2 tablespoons of white corn that would make 3-4 cups of popcorn! Please take note. Also, I know the watermark-like "bread and silk" tags look horrifically tacky, especially because they are so close to each other. I'm new-ish at this Photoshopping business. Please bear with me!

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